After Receiving many phone call asking the same Question and many customer getting confuse who is who with all these Business Name Complete list has been made.
THE Only way  you as a consumer going to know who business name is it by the phone number only.

Our Phone 03 93599499

We are the only business in Australia surrounded by so many business name by 1 person After October 1994. Amendment to the Registration Act is need.
F. Donnini Mechanical Repairs – Registered 13/10/1988 – Frank 

 Alfa Romeo Fiat Abarth Lancia Donnini Independent WorkShop was Established by Frank Donnini in Melbourne.

Frank Donnini arrive in melbourne 1980 stated working in east malvern ,soon after Open Our Business F.Donnini Mechanical Repairs that was Located in East Malvern at 849 Dandenong Rd Till October 1994.

We  Relocated to  Fact 1/31 Onslow avenue  Campbellfield  Melbourne to a New and Bigger Factory in  October  1994.

Business name that were Registered around F.Donnini Mechanical Repairs after October 1994 

  1. A & C DONNINI MECHANICAL REPAIRS                            Business Names Removed Asic registry in 1995
  2. A. DONNINI MECHANICAL REPAIRS                 Registered 30/04/2008       Last Modified 19-june 2017 to Domain     
  3. ALFA DONNINI MECHANICAL REPAIRS                             Registered 11/07/2001    
  4. FIAT DONNINI MECHANICAL REPAIRS                              Registered 25/07/2013

Alfa and Fiat was put in front of Donnini Mechanical Repairs, was macth with my name on yellow pages before internet. 

  1. Alfa Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs – Registered 19 Oct 2013 – Frank

  2. Fiat Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs – Registered 19 Oct 2013 – Frank

  1. ALFA DONNINI REPAIRS                                                      Registered 31 Jan 2014
  2. FIAT DONNINI REPAIRS                                                       Registered 23 Sep 2014

Alfa Romeo Donnini Melbourne Registered  18 Feb 2015 – Frank

Business name that were Registered around Alfa Romeo Donnini Melbourne

  1. ALFA ROMEO DONNINI REPAIRS                                    Registered 9 Mar 2015
  2. FIAT DONNINI MELBOURNE                                             Registered 10 Mar 2015
  3. ALFA DONNINI MELBOURNE                                            Registered 10 Mar 2015
  4. ALFA ROME FIAT DONNINI REPAIRS                              Registered 6 Sep 2015
  5. ALFA ROMEO FIAT DONNINI MELBOURNE                       Registered  6 Sep 2015
  6. ALFA ROMEO FIAT DONNINI                                             Registered  6 Sep 2015
  7. ALFA FIAT DONNINI REPAIRS                                            Registered  6 Sep 2015
  8. ALFA FIAT DONNINI MELBOURNE                                    Registered  6 Sep 2015
  9. ALFA FIAT DONNINI                                                                 Registered  6 Sep 2015
  10. ALFA ROMEO DONNINI MELBOURNE REPAIRS          Registered  10 Aug 2016
  11. ALFA ROMEO DONNINI SERVICE REPAIRS                Registered  13 Sep 2016

ALFA DONNINI                      Registered  28 Jun 2015  – Frank

  1. ALFA DONNINI ALEX    Registered  9 Sep 2016

FIAT DONNINI                        Registered  28 Jun 2015  – Frank

ALFA ROMEO DONNINI      Registered  29 Jun 2015   – Frank

  1. ALFA ROMEO DONNINI ALEX    Registered  9 Sep 2016


  1. ALFA DONNINI REPAIR SERVICE MELBOURNE                   Registered 13 Sep 2016
  1. FIAT DONNINI SERVICE                                                Registered  13 Sep 2016
  2. ALFA DONNINI SERVICE                                               Registered  13 Sep 2016
At this point 10 website surrounding us to 6 of ours.
After 20 business name been Registered  with SEO surrounding our Business Name we started  as more business names will be soon be register.
  1. FIAT  DONNINI REPAIR SERVICE            Registered 27 Oct 2016 – Frank
  2. ALFA  DONNINI REPAIR SERVICE           Registered 27 Oct 2016 – Frank
Now so far its about Alfa Romeo & Fiat let see what happen when I add Abarth.
  1. ALFA FIAT ABARTH DONNINI MELBOURNE                        Registered 27 Oct 2016 – Frank
  2. ALFA ROMEO FIAT ABARTH DONNINI MELBOURNE         Registered 27 Oct 2016 – Frank
  3. FIAT ALFA ROMEO ABARTH DONNINI MELBOUNE           Registered 27 Oct 2016 – Frank
  1. ABARTH DONNINI                                                              Registered  20 Nov 2016
  2. ABARTH DONNINI MELBOURNE                                    Registered  20 Nov 2016
  3. ABARTH DONNINI MELBOURNE REPAIRS                  Registered  20 Nov 2016
  4. ABARTH DONNINI REPAIRS                                            Registered  20 Nov 2016
  5. ABARTH FIAT DONNINI MELBOUNE                            Registered  20 Nov 2016
  6. ALFA ROMEO ABARTH DONNINI                                  Registered  20 Nov 2016
  7. ALFA ROMEO ABARTH DONNINI MELBOURNE       Registered  20 Nov 2016
  8. ALFA ROMEO ABARTH DONNINI REPAIRS                Registered  20 Nov 2016
  9. FIAT ABARTH DONNINI                                                  Registered  20 Nov 2016
  10. FIAT ABARTH DONNINI REPAIRS                               Registered  20 Nov 2016
At this point 33 Business names and soon website to 13 Business names.
All thanks to Asic that allow this to happen, Amendment to the Registration Act is need .
All the Register in blue are webisite as per 30/11/2018

Registering a business name – what you need to know

A business name is the name your business operates under. You need to register a business name if you conduct business under a name other than your own. 

It is easy to think that registering a business name will give you the exclusive right to use the name, and prevent others from using the name or similar names. However, registering a business name does not make you the owner of the name, it merely shows people that you are operating your business under that name.

From Asic  

You have renewed a business name which means that no one else can register an identical name but you do not own that business name. You can take steps to protect your business name from use by another person. To do this you need to register the business name as a trade mark. A registered trade mark gives you exclusive use of the trade mark throughout Australia. To learn more about trade marks visit IP Australia at – a trade mark will not stop SEO.

What most of us that have register a business did not know is that anyone can register as many Business Name as you want there is no limit 

so if you like to register 10 name. 20 name, 33 names 50 or 1000 name you can.


anyone can ad 1 word in front ,in the center. or the end, of your business name and register the name. also ad there private name and register.
and if they want to surround your business with lots of version of the same name by adding a different word. Asic will register.

the only reason a person need so many business name is to try to eliminate your business, will be bringing this up with Federal Member of Parliament regarding this issue,as there is no provision under the Act as far i can see to stop this,all business in Australia are not safe.

Amendment to the Registration Act is need not all business are going to get a trade mark will not stop  Seo arround your business.

The federal Government has a Duty of Care, the same as a Employer has duty to their employees.