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At Alfa Romeo Donnini Melbourne we offers  ON CAR FUEL INJECTOR CLEANNING.

Fuel Injection Service
Want Better Performance and Gas Mileage?

Did you know that dirt and deposits in your fuel system could potentially cost you more money every fill-up your care.  The difference between a smooth-running, fuel-efficient engine and a sluggish, inefficient one can lie in something as simple as the spray of a fuel injector.

Over time, deposits can form in critical areas of the fuel system, resulting in reduced fuel economy, loss of power and other drivability issues. Regular fuel system cleaning can help to maintain optimal engine performance.  Alfa Romeo Donnini Melbourne  use a multi-step process and cleaners to remove deposits from the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber. If your fuel filter needs to be replaced, either because it’s clogged or is at the end of it’s life, we can replace that as well.

Signs You Need a Fuel System Cleaning
  • Rough idling or loss of performance
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Hesitation when accelerating
  • Engine knocking or pinging
  • Cold-starting problems

Instead of a carburetor, most modern cars use computerized fuel injection. This system supplies the proper fuel/air mixture for your engine.A computer measures engine conditions and precisely sprays an exact amount of fuel into the intake manifold through fuel injectors.



The FUEL INJECTION PUMP, FUEL FILTER,COMPUTER,AND ALL ITS SENSORS AND WIRING can make the fuel injection system fail. Individual injectors can become clogged with rust, varnish, etc. All systems have a pressure regulator, since fuel injection systems rely on very constant and accurate fuel pressure to operate properly. If the pressure is too high, the car will RUN RICH. (Black smoke!) If pressure is too low, the engine will run lean or will not run at all! (Maybe the most common gasoline fuel injection problem is a bad fuel injeciton pump!)

ELECTRONIC COMPUTER CONTROLLED FUEL INJECTION An electric solenoid is opened by the computer. The amount of fuel is controlled by how long the solenoid is kept open.